7 Easy Tips to Clean a Home or Office Carpet

7 Easy Tips to Clean a Home or Office Carpet

Think of how many times you trek the same path in your home or office. To the kitchen and back, to the break room and back, out the door and back in again you walk. Over and over dirty shoes travel the same path, leaving behind a trail of dirt and grime, sometimes not noticeable until it is fully settled in.

Eventually, your home or office carpet not only looks grungy, but has a stale odor that is not pleasing. If you’ve maxed out your tolerance for your dirty floors and want to spot clean some of the worst spots, a professional carpet cleaner could be a smart investment.

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Here are a few carpet cleaning tips:

1. Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Powder laundry detergent is the best cleanser for carpets. Mix a bit of detergent with some water and apply with a cloth.

2. Start Fresh

Always begin the cleaning process with a new vacuum cleaner bag. The entire floor should be vacuumed twice in different directions to remove all dust and dirt particles.

3. Pre-treat Spots

Let your detergent solution soak for 5 minutes before scrubbing. Use a carpet brush and rub the stains in different directions.

4. Soak Up Excess

So that the carpet doesn’t get dirty, place some old white sheets or towels on the area to soak up any excess liquid.

5. Change the Water

After finishing the entire soiled area of the rug, replace the soapy water with fresh, clear water.

6. Rinse

Use clear water to go over the area and a scrub brush to remove any excess soap. Use a fan or open window and let the rug dry thoroughly.

7. Re-Vacuum

When the floor is completely dry, vacuum it again to fluff it up. If a carpet cleaning machine was used, vacuuming will pick up all the loose dirt and dust created from the machine.

Using a little elbow grease and a bucket of cleaner may give your carpets a perkier look and save you time initially, but when you encounter heavy traffic on your carpets at home or in the office, the best way to thoroughly clean your carpets is to rely on the expertise of a professional carpet cleaning service.

 The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Cleaning Services have a full range of solutions available to treat tough spots and safely clean a variety of different fibers. Their equipment is industrial strength and far more capable of extracting dirt and filth that is not possible by hand.

By hiring a professional, you also save time and energy not attempting to read labels and measure cleaning solution. Accurately measured cleaning solution will be applied without any manual effort on your part.

According to CBSlocal, not only are there many benefits to hiring a professional in order to get the cleanest carpet you possible, but there are also several health benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned.

1. Trapped Pollutants Are Eliminated

Dirty carpets are notorious for housing several sources of indoor air pollutants including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead and particle pollution, along with everyday dust and dirt that builds up with each person’s step. Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and get trapped in the carpet.

Everyday activities such as vacuuming and walking across the carpet can release these toxins and cause air contamination in your home. Professional carpet cleaners can kill these trapped bacteria with special shampoos and high powered vacuums.

2. Dust Mites Cleared Out

Dust mites are microscopic and although many homes have them, they are unaware because they are so hard to detect. Dust mites often leave behind feces and body fragments which become allergens.

The microscopic size of these particles makes them easy to inhale when the area gets disturbed which can cause allergies to flare up. Many professional cleaning companies use the technique of steam cleaning, which utilizes high temperature cleaning that dust mites can’t survive.

3. Prevent Mold

In areas where humidity levels are high, dirty carpets are at a higher risk for mold growth when exposed to moist conditions. When moisture gets tracked into the carpet and not dried and vacuumed immediately, it can sink deep into the fibers.

A professional cleaning service has high powered drying tools that eliminate moisture that can be harmful to your health if ignored.

Hiring a professional also ensures that your carpets will be restored back to their original quality and will help you extend the life of your carpet by protecting it from future accidents and the daily grind of that trek back and forth.