3 House Cleaning Secrets For a Spotless Kitchen

3 House Cleaning Secrets For a Spotless Kitchen

With busy schedules, grocery shopping and taking care of the kids, it’s tough to find time to clean the home. But, fortunately, there are a few tips that can help minimise house chores and maximise your ‘me time’. Check out these three tips to help out your cleaning routine.

Unclutter – When it comes to tidiness, the kitchen has one villain: unorganised clutter. It piles up quickly, causing problems with cooking and locating items. Worse yet, a messy kitchen is harder to clean, and dirt, bacteria and even mould can develop and cause health risks. You may have already guessed the two areas most notorious for accumulating junk piles: the tops of the microwave and the refrigerator.Solution: Remove the unused items piling up on the refrigerator, and reorganise them in the closet or the garage. Use labelled containers to save yourself the headache of trying to locate these items after you move them.One way to prevent clutter is to place a decoration or photo where you tend to pile junk. As the theory goes, if there’s no room to set down your belongings, you’ll be more likely to put them in their proper place. For example, by setting a bowl of fruit on top of the microwave, you may be less likely to leave mail or other items there. As well, this could actually improve the airflow and performance of your microwave.

Organise the Small Spaces – Disorganised drawers, pantries and cupboards will slow down any productive person. If not kept tidy, pantries can become a serious nightmare, and putting away groceries will take twice as long. To save time, store dishes and utensils in the drawers that are closest to the appliance with which they are used most often.For example, try keeping all of the spoons, knives, forks and tableware near the sink, while keeping the pots, skillets and pans near the stove for easy access while cooking.Organise the pantry by grouping items together: broths in one spot, canned soup in another. Also, try separating the pantry by ‘food type’. Place baking items on one shelf and prepared foods on another.

Hide It When You Don’t Have Time To Clean It – If you frequently host friends or family, the last image you want them to see is a dirty sink full of dishes. Solution: Place all of your unwashed utensils and plates in the dishwasher. Outside of the kitchen, make sure dirty clothes are out of sight, maybe in a hamper within the closet.Save Time With a Professional Cleaning ServiceAnd if uncluttering, organising and hiding the mess is just too much to accomplish with your busy schedule, we’re here to help. At Kimmie Kare, Ltd., cleaning is our specialty; we offer a range of residential, commercial, office and janitorial cleaning services.

Our experienced cleaners can clean your carpet, oven, windows, bathrooms and kitchen, and we can even polish and buff your floors. To schedule a visit, give us a call at 0800 279 277.