Home and Cleaning Tips in Christchurch

With our over hundreds of satisfied clients for home cleaning and office cleaning services in Christchurch and Canterbury areas, Kimmie Kare staff have mastered many tricks of the trade. From using inexpensive yet very effective cleaning solutions, we’ve put together a collection of our cleaning life hack tips.

Get most of our online resource page on how to use everyday household and office products properly when cleaning; learn something new or get inspiration for tackling those tricky jobs around your home. 


Ultimate Guide: The Right Way of Removing Carpet Stains 

Come one, come all. You who want to learn the right way of removing carpet stains. When it comes to carpet maintenance and hygiene, it requires a proper bit of work. Making the effort to take care of your carpet means it will last you several years. Plus, it will look spotless every time. Maintaining your carpet doesn’t have to be too hard though. As long as you know what to do, it should be quick and easy. So keep in mind these carpet stain removal tips from the pros... Read full post..


DIY: How to Remove Bad Smells From Your Carpet 

A smelly carpet is equivalent to a smelly home. These furry, flat contraptions that can capture our affections from the toes to the heart, does actually more than just capturing our giddy feelings. As absorbent as they are, carpets tend to hold on to the pungent smells from spills, accidents, pet stains, pet pees, pet poos and from many other factors homeowners’ experiences. Knowing that accumulation of grime can lead to unwanted odors, and owning a carpet comes with that possible hassle, it is important that we acquire a few tidbits of help every now and then upon handling such situations... Read full post..


3 Things to Consider in Choosing The Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets, as useful as they are, as good, soft, and easy on the feet, can actually accumulate dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, mold, and odors. That’s why they need to be cleaned on a regular basis with the added benefits of the enhanced general health of the living area and the restoration of the value of the carpet. Thus, choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning company is an essential necessity you need in discerning the best carpet cleaning company to service your carpets routinely while ensuring that you get to enjoy expert carpet rejuvenation and maintenance. So what exactly are the things that you need to consider? Well, here are 3 things we thought you might need to consider... Read full post..


3 Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Stains

Carpet cleaning is already a chore with just the usual germs, grimes, and bacterias to clean off. Imagine living with animals. Those cute little furballs that’s all so giddy and happy to see you. Well, they’re undeniably adorable and their presence in a home makes the place a little livelier and happy, but they can be little nightmares dressed like a daydream when it comes to maintaining the little messes they leave every now and then, especially when those mess, dirt, and or stains are targeted on your carpet  floor... Read full post...


5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Should Try at Home

As you’re decluttering, vacuuming, and putting everything back in order, you notice the carpets. And indeed, they are filthy and disgusting. You’d then think carpet cleaning will take too long, so you decide to save it for later. Turns out that “later” is just a few hours to sunset. It’s nearly the end of the day, but your carpet is still filthy as ever. You’d then wonder if there was an easier, faster way to get it done... Read full post..


5 Cost and Effective Stain Removal for Your Carpets

Lots of things don’t get along with carpets. Coffee, wine, dust, ink, oil, and many other things can make your carpet look horrible. Not only that, but they’re also annoyingly tedious to remove. You may go for commercially available carpet stain cleaners, or better yet carpet shampooers and steam cleaners. But those can be expensive. Before you decide to spend on them, have a look at these 5 cost-effective DIY solutions for carpet stain removal... Read full post...