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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the cleaner in my home?
Yes, you can. All of our staff are police checked and picked for their integrity and friendly dispositions.. 

When kimmie kare quotes a price for cleaning carpets can I expect the cost to be highter once you get here?.
The only time we need to make a nominal extra charge is for staining that requires specialist treatment, or extremely soiled carpets.

Do you move the furniture?
Yes we do and free of charge, only thing we don't move are electrical appliance, items containing fragile glass/ornaments and heavy furniture.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are. We advise clients not to use companies that have no liability insurance and do not offer 100% guarantee  money back or re-do your carpets if not satisfied.

If something does go wrong who will pay?
Kimmie Care is a fully licenced, insured and registered.

How long does the carpets take to dry?
Depending on the ambient temperatures and airflow anywhere from half an hour to four hours, however they are OK to walk in straight away.

Can you remove most stains?
Depending on the amount of time the stain has been in, and what stain it is, we have a great success rate of removing stains, including ones that other companies have failed to get out. We carry specialist stain treating machinery and chemicals.

Can  you help me with  flood damage to my carpets?
Yes we can. Firstly do not turn the heat up in an attempt to dry the carpet. This will expedite the growth of mildew. Call us to send a technician to undertake fluid removal, flood restoration and safe drying of the carpets.