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Kimmie Kare Phone Paul or Joy-0800 279 277 or 0212233064. We can provide completely chemical free steam cleaning leaving your carpets dry within minutes. We also offer a wide choice of other cleaning methods.

Our Process. Dry Steam Cleaning

Drying time can aways be a problem when it come to wet cleaning, the advanced duplex steam cleaning machines eliminates this problem. Running at 120 degress, the heat kills dust mites, flea larvae and any bacteria on your carpets.This system leaves your carpet dry within a half an hour.


The system can be used completely chemicail free - perfect for newborns, allergy sufferers, compromised immune systems, family pets and those who prefer to clean their carpets without damaging the environment.The sytem acts as an all-in-one floor scrubber / washer / dryer and steam cleaner, it removes pet hairs effortlessley and is recomended for flotex carpeting. 

Our Process. Hot Water Extraction

We do not use any chemicals through our machines as detergent residue will leave molecules on your carpet,making it sticky and attracting,more-dirt brought inside with normal foot trafficall carpets are vacuumed,treated with special cleaning agents paying attention to any specialist stain treatments that maybe required,then these chemicals are extracted using our machines with super heated water and hyper suction. We then put a free deodorising treatment on your carpet. This process leaves your carpets cleaner and fresher for lo                                                                     Deb Harvey Harcourts Gold I have regularly used Kimmie Kare to clean homes for me when I am marketing a home for sale.Paul and Joy are professional and very obliging with tight time frames.Their work is always of the highest standard and they offer a complete service.I would have no hesitation in recommending Kimmie Kare for all of their cleaning services, they are 10/10.

Carol   Xclusive Property Management  Quality Excellent I use Kimmie Kare consistently for my Property Management Business. I refer him always as I know without a doubt that I will be obtaining a professional clean. I highly recommend as their pricing is very reasonable and you know that you will be getting a top class clean. 10/10 Rating from me.

Louise Martin I was extremely impressed with the service and the results achieved. I never imagined my couches could look ten years younger. I recommend this service to all, especially if you want a fantastic result on tough jobs.

Steven Haward You will not find a better priced and more professional carpet cleaning company in Christchurch. Other companies quoted $180-$200, Paul and his team did our 3 bedroom house for $110. Vacuums, pre-treats carpets and then cleans. Has all the latest gear. Carpets look great. 10/10.

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Kimmie Kare Ltd is 100% European Christchurch owned cleaning company based in Christchurch and is recommended as a quality carpet and upholstery cleaners. 


  • Building Entrances           

  • Hotel Rooms 
  • Hospital Wards
  • Nursing Homes
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